End Violence

The Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children (End Violence) is a unique multistakeholder partnership focused on ending the scourge of violence against children. Its mission is based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which make an explicit, bold and universal commitment to ending violence against children, in all its forms. In target 16.2 and other violence-related targets of the SDGs, UN Member States commit to end abuse, exploitation, trafficking, torture and all forms of violence against children by 2030.

The Global Partnership will support actions that realize this commitment by providing support to those working to prevent and respond to violence, protect childhood and make societies safe for children. The partnership’s approach is rights-based, child-centred and universal, based on the conviction that violence is preventable, not inevitable. The Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children will work with partners across sectors with governments, the UN, civil society, the private sector, foundations, researchers and academics, and children themselves to build political will, promote solutions, accelerate action and strengthen collaboration. Collaboration and partnership will allow us to do together what no single government or agency can do alone, end violence against children. We can deliver on the promise of the SDGs, a world where every child grows up free from violence and exploitation.

The Global Partnerships Forum is honoured to partner with The Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children and to support its noble mission. The GPF is committed to expand their private sector and foundations network as well as support for their advocacy and outreach activities to End Violence against children around the world.

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