Zero Mothers Die

A global project to save the lives of pregnant women, new mothers and children.

The Zero Mothers Die partnership includes key organizations who are serious about bringing technology to vulnerable pregnant women to help save their lives. Our partners include UNAIDS, Airtel, Advanced Development for Africa, Millennia2025 Foundation, UniversalDoctor Project, The People's Vision, Global Partnerships Institute, ZMQ, Ministries of Health, and more.

The Mum's Phone

How do we achieve this? We equip vulnerable pregnant women with mobile phones so they can receive important healthy pregnancy and childbirth information in their own language via text and voice messaging campaigns. We also give the women free airtime so they can call local health workers during emergencies. The mobile phones, called Mum's Phones, are uniquely designed for pregnant women.


Participants include:

Family offices seeking to identify well conceived:

  • Impact investment opportunities in private sector companies
  • Sustainable, high-impact foundations and 501c3 (not-for-profit organizations)

CEO’s from leading family office owned hospital groups, private sector companies and regional foundations seeking:

  • Product discovery and development collaborations
  • Regional distribution opportunities
  • Joint-venture opportunities

CE0’s and senior executives from the worlds largest multi-national medical device, equipment, pharmaceutical, diagnostic and service-sector companies

Senior health ministers and experts in health policy, Hospital group CEO’s and Board Members, Senior physicians and scientists

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